Hitachi ZeroCarbon

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Hitachi ZeroCarbon’s Depot as-a-Service model makes the intricacies of carbon-free infrastructure make sense.

Infrastructure is a critical element of your journey to net zero.

Hitachi ZeroCarbon gets you up and running quickly, with turnkey solutions for managing every aspect of planning, financing, installation, maintenance, and performance — while unlocking opportunities for new revenue streams.


Start strong with expert support for procurement, equipment, energy management, TCO modeling and more.


Build smart with expert deployment support across all your groundwork and installation.


Maximize value with flexible financing options for batteries & infrastructure, and cost-certain as-a-service software & maintenance.


Drive value daily by tapping into our expertise in smart energy management, billing, payments and more.


Unlock higher performance everywhere with innovative approaches to power storage & sale, battery repurposing, on-site renewable generation, and external charging revenue.

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Transitioning Fleets to Net Zero Sustainably – Building Strategic Charging Hubs

Hitachi’s ZeroCarbon service delivers a holistic, financed, data-driven approach to help public and private sector fleets transition sustainably and efficiently to net zero, through the provision of strategic charging hubs.

Driven by data.

Hitachi ZeroCarbon’s Common Data Platform and revenue generation model help you lock down costs, boost performance and discover new revenue opportunities.

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