Hitachi ZeroCarbon

A high-energy approach to energy management.

Hitachi ZeroCarbon Energy Management Services helps you control costs, unlock opportunities, and make every electron work harder.

Costs, limited. Opportunities, limitless.

Hitachi ZeroCarbon helps you not only manage energy costs — but unlock new revenue opportunities.
Maximize efficiency with grid balancing and energy arbitrage across all your depots.
Expert design services help optimise your depot charging infrastructure, charge point installation and operations support.
Unmatched energy expertise allows you to leverage Hitachi’s strength to optimise energy costs and generate new revenue streams.

Capitalize on downtime by selling unused charging capacity to third parties when your fleet isn’t using your depot.

Driven by data.

Hitachi ZeroCarbon’s Common Data Platform and revenue generation model helps you lock down costs, boost performance and discover new revenue opportunities.

Ready to launch your journey to net zero?

Let’s go.
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