Hitachi ZeroCarbon

Shrink your carbon emissions. And your risk profile.

Buy. Lease. As-a-service. Hitachi ZeroCarbon Financial Services connects you to zero carbon solutions that drive your bottom line.

Transparency, optimization, and control.

As your prime contractor and lead integrator, Hitachi ZeroCarbon speeds your transition to the carbon-free transportation future by enabling you to leverage our innovative financial models and global social innovation expertise. From sustainable financing solutions to as-a-service or leased financing, Hitachi ZeroCarbon cuts risk, uncovers opportunity and provides unmatched expertise at every point of your Net Zero transition.
Green electric passenger vehicle travelng on rural road, data charts superimposed over photo

Financing across your whole supply chain: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs,) Charging, Infrastructure & Digital Solutions.

Long-term leasing and as-a-service solutions provide sustainable financing across the entire supply chain.

Full CAPEX-to-OPEX support to help you drive value and accelerate your Net Zero transition.

Battery-as-a service solutions mitigates financial risk and delivers the availability you need to keep your fleet available and efficient.

Driven by data.

Hitachi ZeroCarbon’s Common Data Platform and revenue generation model helps you lock down costs, boost performance and discover new revenue opportunities.

Ready to launch your journey to net zero?

Let’s go.
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