Hitachi ZeroCarbon

A data-driven approach to growth.

It’s a new world of clean energy. Hitachi ZeroCarbon Cloud Services delivers the data you need to make the most of it.

See what’s up ahead.

From driver behavior to energy costs to asset management, Hitachi ZeroCarbon’s Common Data Platform and revenue generation model help you lock down costs, boost performance and discover new revenue opportunities.
ZeroCarbon Cloud Services provide multi-app integration and designed to perform seamlessly with a wide network of industry partners.

An example set of results showing the total emissions and cost reductions a representative fleet could achieve using Hitachi ZeroCarbon’s turnkey solution

All in one place.

ZeroCarbon Real Time Analytics Dashboard connects you to the advanced data/analytics you need to improve operating costs, reduce carbon, and optimise every aspect of fleet operations — all in an innovative as-a-service package designed to meet your specific needs.


Make the most of driver performance, battery life management and route optimization.


Supercharge your day-to-day with advanced solutions for TCO/Business case development, service/help desk automation and billing/payment management.


Make every electron count with expert solutions for power optimisation and grid trading/arbitrage, grid load balancing and battery optimisation/management/storage.

Mobility Hubs/Depots

Efficiency drives performance across the board with solutions for asset management, predictive maintenance of fixed assets, infrastructure billing/management, power & control systems, site/charger booking and power management.

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